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First Friday Healing Sanctuary

In Virginia Beach, Virginia

A non-denominational, interfaith Healing Event open to people of all spiritual beliefs or Faiths.

The Healing Sanctuary is a sacred place where you can receive the wonderful energies of Love, Light, and Healing.

People come to us to receive the beautiful spiritual gifts channeled by our gifted and devoted Sanctuary Healers, for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Individual healing sessions are lovingly given to all who come. The entire experience is very sacred and during the Healing Sanctuary, we ask everyone to wear white or light colored clothing, if possible, to honor the sanctity of the healing work.

After an initial orientation followed by a healing meditation, specially trained volunteers experienced in various types of Energy-Based Healing lovingly offer healing sessions for the attendees. During the evening we will be using a "Healing Sanctuary" format of short table sessions followed by chair sessions for grounding. The evening concludes with a World Healing meditation to share our love & healing with all the world.

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Dates: See the Calendar
On the first Friday of most months. There will be no FFHS in December.
Times:Arrive at 7:20 pm. Program lasts until about 9:40, depending on number of attendees.
Location: Emmanuel Episcopal Church in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach. Due to road construction in the area, get the updated directions here.
Wear:White or light colored clothing to honor the sanctity of the healing.
Cost:Completely free of charge. Love offerings are accepted.
Contact: FirstFriday (at) PerspectivesHolistic (dot)com

The calendar is here.

Directions are here.

Download Event Flyer here.

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Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary at Delphi University, McCaysville, GA

The Original "Healing Sanctuary" after which we are modeled, is dedicated to the memory of the man who began it. Mauricio Panisset was the extraordinary Brazilian healer known as the Man of Light. 

He was a phenomenal man open to his extraordinary healing gifts with magnificent lights. Unlike the rest of us, when Mauricio performed a healing, lights would literally soar out of his body like lightening flashes. 

Delphi University & Spiritual Center: