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About Perspectives Holistic Wellness

logoPerspectives Holistic Wellness offers services, events, classes and information that can help you create healing and real, permanent changes within yourself.

We offer a range of energy-based healing and coaching therapies for body/mind/spirit such as Trinfinity8™, Ro-Hun™, Transpersonal hypnotherapy, and various other Energy Medicine modalities.

Perspectives Holistic Wellness is a safe haven for many who seek to heal and transform their lives.  Self-empowerment and transformation allow for a greater state of Grace and Wellness in every day life and a more peaceful world.

We offer comfort, support, and healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We provide a wide range of energy-based healing modalities as well as classes and groups.

Located in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia, Perspectives is a place where you can come to create healing in your life and real, permanent changes within yourself. Dr. Linda Carol Adrienne established Perspectives Holistic Wellness in 2004. From the beginning, Perspectives Holistic Wellness has been a safe haven for many who seek to heal and transform their lives. Self-Empowerment and Transformation allow for a greater state of Grace and Wellness in every day and a more peaceful inner world. Our mission is to provide individuals, couples & families with comfort & healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. To this end it provides a wide range of energy-based healing and transformation techniques such as Ro-Hun™, Holy Fire Reiki, Trinfinity8™, Spiritual Counseling and spiritual life coaching. Many services are available both at Perspectives Holistic Wellness and remotely/by Skype/Google Hangouts or phone.

Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt, RMT

In 1989, Linda Carol Adrienne realized there had to be more to existence than the mundane. Her journey toward Spirit, toward a greater understanding of herself and her world gave her a unique and creative approach to life and healing.

This revelation was followed by many years of devoted study at various schools, including the Virginia Center for Healing Touch, GISA (Graham Institute for Self-Awareness), The Free Spirit School of Spiritual Development, Delphi University and American Holistic University. During this time, she came to understand that this work is her “Purpose” in life. Thus, in 2010, after thirty years as a traditional scientist, Dr. Adrienne shifted to full time Practitioner at Perspectives Holistic Wellness (est. 2004).

Linda Carol Adrienne’s love and joy of life radiates to all whom she touches. She brings all of her own personal healing, self-awareness, insight, empathy and intuition into her healing work with others. With her unconditional love and understanding, she creates a space of safety, peace and love in which she and her clients work together to create healing on all levels.

Dr. Adrienne is an Ordained Interfaith Minister in the Church of Wisdom and Pastor and founder of the First Friday Healing Sanctuary. She is also a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, holds Doctorates in both Ro-Hun™ Transpersonal psychology and Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Therapies from Delphi University. She is Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher and afficilate member of the Reiki Membership Association. She is an active volunteer in the GISA Healing Sanctuaries as well as being a regular Guest Teacher with The Free Spirit School in Virginia Beach. Additionally, she is a Certified Clinical RoHun™ Therapist, serves as a Certified Mentor for new RoHun Therapists, an ‘Every Word Has Power’ Life Coach and is a Trinfinity8™ Practitioner.

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Kimberly Smith, HTCP, RMT

Kimberly Smith studied at the Kripalu Yoga and Holistic Health center in Western Massachusetts. There, she learned basic energy balancing as part of a Holistic Health Educator month-long program, and thus embarked on a journey with various forms of energy work.

 Kimberly offers Holy Fire II Reiki Practitioner and Master training. She is a professional member of the Reiki Membership Association and teaches based on the curriculum of the International Center for Reiki Training. She also offers EMF Balancing Technique™, a process that supports your evolutionary journey and Healing Touch™/Intuitively guided energy healing sessions to support the Body-Mind-Spirit.

I am humbled to know that change is my responsibility, and that what is to change is that which keeps me from manifesting change. I understand that we can create the world we desire. As each one of us creates a more loving, wise and empowered world for ourselves, we create the possibility of the same for others close to us . . . As I live into my full potential, I open up the possibility of those around me experiencing the same . . . Having ultimate power is quite daunting yet remembering that every choice is the correct choice and that with some humility I can apply that power in a manner that benefits all around me. This makes the power supercharged. I am grateful to you for clearing the path ahead of me, and then guiding me along. -P F, Gloucester, VA

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