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EnergyWork Descriptions

In-Depth Spiritual Healing / Trance Healing

In this comprehensive healing session, I invoke the higher energies of love, light, and healing to channel healing energy to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. I open your auric field and close any holes and tears in your aura and etheric body. Your blood and chakra systems are cleansed by removing negative energy and replacing it with the vibrations of Love & Light. Healing energy will be applied wherever needed in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The session may include using the energies of color & sound.

This session takes approximately 1 hour.

Color and Sound Healing

Color and Sound healing methods have been used through out time for the purpose of healing. Through the use of color visualization, color pomanders, toning, tuning forks and channeling, the healer will use both modern and ancient techniques to open, balance, energize, and align each chakra. Healing energies will be channeled to the subtle bodies, and the related "color" areas of the physical body as needed.

In just one session, you can feel the powerful benefit of Color and Sound Healing directly impacting the physical body, mental well-being, and spiritual connection. It is a very healing and rejuvenating experience.

The healing takes approximately 1 hour.

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Trinfinity8™ sessions may be combined with an Integrative EnergyWork table session: Receive both an intuitive healing session and a Trinfinity8 session at the same time.

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