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Integrative Energy Medicine and Healing Modalities

What is Integrative Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine uses energy-based or biofield approaches to health and wellbeing.

During an Integrative Session, your practitioner will intuitively choose from their skill set, and beyond.

Using hand movements, light touch, sound, and sometimes other vibrational tools, these therapies help improve the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that allow vitality into the physical body. This helps your body activate its innate self-healing ability, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Kimberly and Linda Carol have studied and are certified in a number of different energy medicine modalities. Each modality can be received separately. Some can be combined with others.


Integrative Sessions:

(includes and is not limited to)

Healing Touch™

  • Assessment-directed techniques specific to a variety of body mind spirit issues
  • Pain management
  • Transitions
  • Overall healing process
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  • Simple hands-on (or hands-near) stress-relief technique originally from Japan
  • Helps Ki/Chi flow better
  • Addresses Habits and Situations
  • Overall healing process
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In-Depth Spiritual Healing /
Trance Healing

  • Invoking energies of light & love, channeled healing, working with Guides
  • Clearing & balancing the aura & chakras
  • Raising vibrations in circulatory system
  • Overall healing process
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Stand-alone sessions:


  • A quantum shift in the emerging science of algorithmic rejuvenation technology
  • Great for stress-relief and energetic balancing
  • May be combined with an Integrative Session with Energy Work
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Color and Sound

  • Uses color visualization, pomanders, toning, tuning forks
  • Open, balance, energize, align chakras
  • Subtle bodies and physical body healing
  • Vibrational healing
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Brazilian Light Energization™

  • Evokes a mystical experience, a sacred connection between you and Spirit
  • For those who desire a spiritual awakening
  • Helps awaken higher energy centers
  • Helps open your psychic vision
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The Balancing Technique™

  • 4-part series assist with one's Evolutionary Process
  • Balance wisdom & emotions
  • Honor and integrate your past
  • Live in your core energy & activate potentials
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Video on the power of energy therapy

This 12 minute video explains what happens with energy work

Thank you from my Soul to your Soul for following Spirit guidance and getting me on the healing table. What may have seemed like a small insignificant gesture to you (or not?) was for me an instantaneous manifestation of ways the Universe of Love and Light is supporting me. My mental body had no idea how much my emotional, physical and spiritual bodies were calling for touching respite and healing. Thanks for being that channel of Love and Light. When I got up today, there was more bounce in my step and my breath! Blessings & in loving, A, Virginia Beach, VA