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Entura Art Soul Portraits

Entura - Entering the AuraEntura Art (c) 2011 Linda Carol Adrienne

These are beautiful intuitive soul portraits that provide a window into your soul's path and messages from your guides at this moment.

Included with the portrait is a life reading (recorded) based on the mysteries revealed in the symbolism of the art.

Entura means "enter the aura." When I do a Soul Portrait for someone, I enter their aura and channel the messages, spiritual teachers, and healers that are with them, through color and motion. Studying the lessons and messages that come through this work satisfies both the mind and the heart.

So how do I do this?

Linda Carol Adrienne - Entura Artist




Art & Psychology are the first and second loves of my life. When I tune in to create someone's soul portrait, my love of the work allows me to flow right into that creative zone to get clear information and imagery without thought. I am not 'drawing', I am letting my hands express the images and knowledge that I receive.

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How do you get one of your own?

Just put in your request to get yours. Once I receive your request, I will send you a list of what I need to create your portrait, including a recent photo of yourself. The fee is $333 (plus $15 shipping, if not picking up). You may pay by cash (locals), check, money order or credit card thru PayPal (there is a $10 fee for PayPal service)

Words cannot express all that I want to convey to you about my Soul Portrait. The Beauty.the Flow. the incredible tenderness with which it was composed and with which you expressed its meaning is overwhelming! I am struck with the beauty of the whole, the colors - it embraces me, enfolds me into its essence. Your eloquent explanation of the various components touches me deeply and inspires me to always remember who I am. The Portrait soothes me yet inspires me to move forward with confidence, knowing the strength behind me... E.G.