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Inner Sanctuary Meditation Training

About Inner Sanctuary Meditation Training

This training is for beginners as well as those currently using a meditation practice. It takes you to the next level of Creating & Manifesting. Bringing inner & outer peace, abundance and manifestation of higher energy thoughts to everything in and around you. Learn how to meditate, open your spiritual vision, build your own inner sanctuary*, stay centered in your being, and become a master of your own world!

Inner Sanctuary Training is a prerequisite for some Delphi University classes;
and the only prerequisite for this class is a willingness to learn. 

You will receive certificates of class completion & initiation on behalf of Delphi University

As your Inner Sanctuary Instructor, I look forward to ushering you into that calm, wise and balanced place within your deepest self."    - Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt

Aspirations for this class

  • To connect and get in touch with your spiritual qualities and strengths and begin to express your love and spiritual abilities in your life.
  • Have the use of your inner senses.
  • Greater intuitive and creative ability.
  • Spiritual vision to see the Big Picture.
  • Recognize yourself as both a physical and a spiritual being.
  • Greater feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.
  • More loving self-expression.
  • Be able to use intuitive and spiritual abilities to channel love and healing into your home, family, work, and intimate relationships.
  • Establish your Inner Sanctuary, a sacred place where you can go to connect with spirit to:
      - Restore your energy.
      - Receive spiritual insight and answers.
      - Create and manifest ideas and goals.
      - Strengthen your Purpose and Direction.
      - Be a channel of healing love in your world.
  • Enjoy life more!
Inner Sanctuary Training

Registration Information:

Your lifetime investment for Inner Sanctuary Training is $300 - Manual & Materials are included.

Special Discounts offered for Healing Sanctuary Healers or Military & Family

Class size is limited - a $100 deposit is necessary to reserve your space in the class. Printable Registration Form and More Information Here

Pay in full by 4 weeks prior - get $45 off!

Once your registration & deposit/payment are received, we will send the specifics of the class by email or regular mail upon request.

Download the printable Information & Registration Form.

*This class is separate from and unrelated to any Healing Sanctuary 

Fill out the contact form for more information.

Class Schedule - TBA

Friday……….…5:45 pm – approx. 9:00 pm  -  Check-in begins at 5:15 pm

Saturday………9:30 am – approx. 6:00 pm

Sunday………..9:30 am – approx. 6:00 pm

Location: Kempsville, Virginia Beach, VA. Check the calendar to confirm the dates... 

For the first time ever, I could stay with a meditation... I was able to let go and be totally immersed in my own creative experience! I love this technique, it is so fun and easy. - ESA, Virginia Beach, VA"