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Ro-Hun™: the Therapy of the Future

Ro-Hun™ is the single most effective and in-depth method of spiritual psychotherapy today:

  • Enlighten Your Thoughts & Feelings
  • Connect With Your Spirit & Higher Self
  • Forgive & Release the Past
  • Clear Faulty Thoughts & Emotions That Attract Negative Experiences and People
  • Open Your Heart To Better Give & Receive Love

Ro-Hun™ is an inter-personal therapy that utilizes an individual's spiritual strength to facilitate Healing and Transformation. Ro-Hun's in-depth and thorough processes tap into the unconscious regions of the mind and surface and release negative thought constructs and emotions that restrict, limit, and continually sabotage self.

Through accessing The Higher Self and Inspired Mind, Ro-Hun™ effectively and lovingly releases blocked energy and hidden shadows that prevent a joyful and productive life.

Many Levels of Ro-Hun™

  • Ro-Hun Card Facilitation will help to uncover faulty thought patterns that are playing out in less-than-helpful ways in current situations. This session addresses one thought/pattern/chakra.
  • Ro-Hun Cleanse is a stand-alone table session of about 3 hours that will help to remove blocks and transform fears and thoughts of unworthiness. This is a great way to start your Ro-Hun journey. This session addresses common themes in each area.
  • The Ro-Hun Basic Purification Series & Skim sessions, go deeply into your chakras to help release your specific unconscious constructs and allow vital force and a sense of freedom to flow again. The series is usually 3-5 sessions done over 2-3 consecutive days. After the Purification clears away top layers, the Skims are necessary and important follow-up sessions to clear further faulty thoughts and reactive selves (and their effects) that emerge in your daily life. This prepares you for the next phase - the Caged One (Shadow Purification) sessions. Get ready for transformation! Prerequisite: Initial Healing and Exploration session
  • After some Skim sessions, when you are ready, your Ro-Hun practitioner will discuss the Shadow Purification series with you. Beyond that there are more advanced processes that can sky-rocket your opening and development.

How Ro-Hun™ can help you

  • Assist you to relax tension and relieve stress.
  • Help you to forgive and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentments.
  • Give you deep and meaningful insight into self.
  • Introduce you to your own creative, intuitive abilities.
  • Awaken your sensitivity to your inner resources.
  • Aid in the development and reinforcement of self-confidence, self-esteem and self worth.
  • Assist you toward a more open expression of self.
  • Increase inner peace and harmony.
  • Give insight into intimate relationships.
  • Increase your understanding and compassion for self and others.
  • Help you become more comfortable with the self and feel stronger about coping with life.
  • Enhance self-worth and ability to love self and others.
  • Empower you to be the best that you can be.

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I'm Interested in Transforming my Life. Where do I start?

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The next step is the Initial Healing and Exploration session (an experience of healing for Body, Mind and Spirit.) This is a prerequisite for Ro-Hun. Read More ...

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I can not express my feelings of gratitude that the higher beings brought me to you. Then gave me the insight and boost of courage to go forward with this type of healing and spiritual awakening. I look so forward to further sessions... ...I have been doing my "homework". I am being the best me I can be at this moment. I smile loving myself!!! New concept that is for sure. I have seen some of my reactive selves try to come out or may have for just a movement. I realized on one occasion quickly and shifted my thoughts to positive and loving. Wow talk about freeing! - KW, Chesapeake, VA"
When you told me at the end of the Ro-Hun session  that I was so loved, I felt like God had told you to tell me that at that moment. It was as if the spirit of God took the opportunity to tell me what had always been but I have never believed. ... My anger is not consuming me any more; in fact I can say that I haven't felt angry since our session. For the first time I am beginning to feel like I have every right to be in this world and I mean something to it and to God. I am so looking forward to continuing with the Ro-Hun. I feel like you were meant to help me. Change has started within me. - ST, Carrollton, VA"