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Empowering Shifts in Perspective for Holistic Metamorphosis

Healing, Empowerment & Transformational Services

Here at Perspectives Holistic Wellness, we offer a number of services that support your wellness and your evolution into who you truly are. We can help you make a small shift in your perspective and thus change your life!

Healing and Wellness Services

This "Algorithmic Rejuvenation Technology" has 72 different programs that help the bodymind at the quantum level to come to balance and restoration.  Read More 
Integrative Energy Medicine
A variety of human bio field and spiritual energies which are energy-based approaches to health and healing, intuitively guided based on the needs of client.   Read More
Healing Touch
This a form of Energy Medicine in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way.  Numerous techniques are available to address a range of body/mind  issues.   Read More
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.   Read More
Other energetic and spiritual modalities

Your initial Energy Medicine session includes an intake interview plus healing time.  Please see individual modalities for more information. 

Emotional Growth, Personal Empowerment & Transformation

The Initial Interview & Assessment
This is a 3-hour session to explore your current blocks and to determine the proper healing path for your best and highest good.  Included is an NLP processing system evaluation as well as a comprehensive energy-field assessment to help determine areas of imbalance. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and experience healing for Body, Mind and Spirit.
The processes in this work tap into the unconscious regions of the mind and helps to surface and release disempowering thought and emotional patterns.  It works symbolically rather than with historical content.  Read More
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP
Practical and effective techniques help to reprogram the bodymind and break habit patterns.   Read More
Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching
Helping you to change patterns and find information from your Higher Self or soul.   Read More

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Entura Art Soul Portraits - Light Master


Entura Art Soul Portraits

Using Pastels and intuitive guidance, let us find direction and answers through this evolving form of contacting the numinous.  Read More

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