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Trinfinity8™ Rejuvenation Programs

What rejuvenation programs are available?

Trinfinity8™ is for those who want to transform their world and take it beyond the ordinary into a state of balance, youthful vitality, and well-being. For that purpose, 72 different Trinfiity8™ programs offer something for everyone:

Stress Reduction

Trinfinity8 helps release deep emotional and physical blockages, while restoring feelings of well-being and relaxation. Many people report sleeping deeply for the first time after one session

11 Programs

Energy Restoration

Trinfinity8 helps balance energy centers, auric fields, and alignment with renewed vibrational power. People have reported experiencing increased energy, libido, physical strength, and creative inspiration.

9 Programs

Health & Nutrition

Trinfinity8 stimulates the body’s reparative process to slow the signs of aging, while replenishing it with algorithmic nutrients that help cleanse and detoxify the system. People report looking and feeling younger.

11 Programs

Skin & Hair Rejuvenation

Trinfinity8 helps send healthy messages to the skin and hair for vital repair and stabilization. People have reported a decrease in inflammation and swelling, clearer skin, and increased scalp hair growth.

8 Programs

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Face & Beauty

Trinfinity8 helps diminish lines and wrinkles on the face while giving the skin a more youthful appearance and glow. Algorithms work to stimulate tightening and toning. People have reported skin clearing, brown spots fading, and skin tags dissolving after a few sessions.

14 Programs

Weight Management

Trinfinity8 helps stimulate the body’s metabolic process to lose or gain weight safely and naturally. Digital messages are sent to help dissolve unwanted fat and cellulite. Research studies showed people lost an average of up to a pound a week without diet or exercise.

7 Programs

Body Sculpting

Trinfinity8’s experimental body sculpting option allows one to direct algorithms to problem areas of the body where change is desired.

12 Programs

Personalized Protocols

Based on our training with the developer, Kathy Forti, PhD, and experience with the system, we will combine the individual programs into a custom protocol to address your holistic wellness intentions.

Trinfinty8™ Meditations

The rejuvenation programs used for group Meditations tend to focus on the more spiritual programs. Read More

Remote Sessions

This quantum technology is not limited by location. From the comfort of your home, relax and receive. Your personal intention helps to guide and direct the vibrational support of the Trinfinity8™ system. We can also program crystals for your use during remote sessions. Read More



Trinfinity8™ is not a medical device. Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical problems or medical conditions. Information on this site is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The statements of this site have not been evaluated by the FDA, and as such, shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise. Trinfinity8™ is for investigational use only.

I had a whiplash accident about 2 years ago. Physical therapy, chiropractic, etc. had helped, but I was still having back and neck pain at the end of a work day. Working with the Trinfinity8 for several months has helped that clear up. I'm not needing the T.E.N.S. electrostim treatment anymore. Yay! - K.S.